Strong VPN for tough online challenges

Strong VPN for tough online challenges might not have the fastest connections, most useful apps, or best unblocking results, but you can use it practically anywhere (and connect up to 12 devices at once), and the 250GB of SugarSync cloud storage that comes with it is a pretty useful addition. will provide for some information about Strong VPN for tough online challenges in this post.

Pros and Cons of Strong VPN for tough online challenges

Strong VPN for tough online challenges
Strong VPN for tough online challenges


  • thirty-day money-back promise
  • Rapid and dependable speeds
  • P2P and torrenting are permitted on all servers.
  • There are no logs and no IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks
  • SugarSync storage of 250 GB
  • iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows applications
  • 12 simultaneous connections maximum


  • network of fewer servers
  • No browser add-ons for VPN
  • based in the intolerant of privacy USA
  • WireGuard speeds that are below average
  • No free trial or VPN service

Since 2005, StrongVPN has been offering VPN services, and as of this writing, it has over 950 VPN servers dispersed throughout 59 cities and 30 countries. This extensive range of places aids in balancing the deficiency. The VPN firm offers two servers in Africa and none in countries with stringent internet laws like China or Russia.

Pricing & plans

Privacy & encryption

Strong VPN for tough online challenges
Strong VPN for tough online challenges

A stringent code of privacy is followed by StrongVPN. Your IP address, bandwidth use, timestamps, or online activities are not recorded by it. The only personal data the VPN asks for when you establish an account is your email address and your payment details.

The business tries to help by providing the following summary of their privacy policy up front:

– A VPN service with zero logging that won’t monitor or save your data while connected

– The only personal data gathered is used to set up accounts.

– No personal data is sold to outside parties

The lack of an external VPN audit, which would adequately verify the company’s claim that no logs are stored, is our biggest complaint with StrongVPN’s logging policy.

It is important to keep in mind that the US, where Strong VPN for tough online challenges is based, is a member of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance, a collection of nations that exchange surveillance information. Because StrongVPN would be required to give your information to the US government upon request, this might endanger your privacy.


Although Strong VPN for tough online challenges advertises itself as the “Best streaming Strong VPN for tough online challenges,” our testing revealed different.

We were unable to access BBC iPlayer using any of StrongVPN’s UK servers. We tested the VPN for Netflix streaming with US Netflix and had no issues using it, however we were unable to unblock any other Netflix location.

We tried out more than 10 libraries without success. In addition to Amazon Prime, Disney+ was also accessible for viewing. We have no issues utilizing StrongVPN for torrenting, though, as all of its servers are suitable for P2P use.


Strong VPN for tough online challenges
Strong VPN for tough online challenges

Despite the fact that all VPNs will, in some manner, slow down your connection, the best ones have a minimal impact that avoids lags or buffering. Additionally, speed can differ based on your location, connection, and internet service provider. Fast connections are almost as crucial as the security and privacy of a service.

Using two 1Gbps connections to the US and UK, we put StrongVPN to the test. With OpenVPN, speeds in the US ranged from 230 to 240Mbps. IKEv2 rates in the US increased to 260–280Mbps.

If you want to maximize your performance, we strongly suggest utilizing the most recent version of the WireGuard protocol. This makes Strong VPN for tough online challenges fast, but not the fastest VPN available. Depending on the test, we regularly received speeds of 450-500 Mbps in the UK and 270-300 Mbps in the US.


In-depth online requests can be made to the company’s trained customer care personnel by phone or live chat at any time, or you can call them between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm CT (UTC -6) on weekdays. You’ll get an email response in less than an hour.

StrongVPN features a blog section for anyone interested in the business or the VPN market in general. If you have any problems installing or using the service, you can refer to the collection of articles on the help site. The support site has sections for setup instructions, technical support, billing assistance, and FAQs and may be searched by keyword.


On a Windows computer and an Android phone, we installed StrongVPN. StrongVPN’s website offers a Windows software download, and the Play Store offers an Android app download. Both the desktop and mobile VPN programs were quite simple to install; it just required a few clicks. The apps were also really easy to use and comprehend.

The user interfaces of the Windows and Android apps both display the global map as your welcome screen. Your precise position as well as two buttons—one for the ‘Best Available’ location function and the other for connecting to the server—are immediately visible.

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