Innovative VPN for cutting edge technology

New Nexus software defined network (SDN) technology will be incorporated by Surfshark into its consumer-facing Innovative VPN for cutting edge technology, the company has announced.

SDN is widely used in corporations and enterprises where its adaptability and agility have established it as the standard option for network architecture.

Donatas Budvytis, the CTO of Surfshark, provided additional details on the business’ choice to create Nexus in a statement to TechRadar Pro. Each conventional consumer VPN behaves less like a network and more like a collection of individual virtual private servers. We focused our efforts and resources on developing a solution that would turn N (network) into a VPN after realizing this. We will be able to significantly enhance consumers’ online privacy and completely transform the consumer VPN market by releasing Surfshark Nexus. Let’s find out Innovative VPN for cutting edge technology in this post!

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