5 Fastest VPN For Gaming And Torrenting

It should go without saying that you need to have fastest VPN for gaming and torrenting when downloading torrents. When sharing or downloading using peer-to-peer (P2P), this aids in maintaining the security and privacy of your connection. Since a VPN routes your traffic through a server that masks your real IP address and keeps your connection private, encryption is also a key consideration while torrenting. To the dismay of governments, internet service providers, and media organizations, P2P torrenting is frequently used to obtain music, movies, and video games. TechRadar, of course, does not support any form of copyright violation or infringement, but given the numerous dangers associated with torrenting, we wish to protect online consumers. Find out more on findmyip.xyz

How to pick the ideal VPN for torrenting

It’s true that not every VPN offers torrent support, but the virtual private networks people have chosen all do! however, all of them also provide the functionality and tools you need for torrenting, which is as crucial.

Ones that come to mind first are privacy and security. Despite the undeniable value of peer-to-peer sharing of large files, torrenting is dangerous by nature and you run the risk of being attacked by malicious users. Therefore, you need a VPN that has robust encryption algorithms and a ton of security know-how. The top VPN services even have their independent audits of their no-logs policies, which are equally essential.

Also important are download speeds. It serves no purpose to select a VPN that severely limits your download speeds. Additionally, we advise only choosing VPNs for torrenting that are impenetrable to DNS leaks and feature a reliable VPN kill switch (which we test in our ratings). The latter prevents your genuine IP from being revealed even if you aren’t paying attention by shutting down the internet connection if the VPN fails.

5 Fastest VPN For Gaming And Torrenting

1. ProtonVPN – The best choice hands down

ProtonVPN – The best choice hands down
ProtonVPN – The best choice hands down

When you want to spread the love for Open Office as rapidly as possible, ProtonVPN provides some of the fastest speeds available, both upstream (1st place) and downstream (2nd place). Additionally, it offers superb privacy guarantees, and it has a bunch of servers within a bunker, which is really cool. ProtonVPN boasts a top-notch user interface, well-known ownership, a base in Switzerland, and did we mention reliable speeds?

2. OVPN – Best for diskless servers

While less well-known than other services, OVPN was one of the first to deploy diskless servers across its network and maintain everything in RAM. Since then, VPN services frequently use that. In spite of not being among our top 10 for speeds, OVPN’s speeds were generally pretty good. Its headquarters are in Sweden, and it makes the necessary privacy pledges. It simply had a few instances where it struggled, but if you stick with European servers—or North American ones for non-torrent uses—the speeds ought to be excellent.

3. Mullvad – The best option for anonymity

Mullvad - The best option for anonymity
Mullvad – The best option for anonymity

The best VPN for privacy and anonymity is Mullvad. The Swedish business values your patronage but has no desire to learn more about you. Mullvad randomly produces an account number that serves as your login and password instead of utilizing your email address and password. The speed of Mullvad is among the top 10, and it makes good on its privacy claims.

4. ExpressVPN – The best choice for all purposes

It’s no surprise that ExpressVPN is among the best VPNs for torrenting because it’s our favorite VPN. The majority of the privacy claims made by ExpressVPN are appropriate, and its speeds are excellent. It also includes a ton of additional features that make it worthwhile for you to use, such the smart DNS feature, in addition to being good for torrents. Even though ExpressVPN is technically situated in the British Virgin Islands and has a huge number of servers, it does keep track of bandwidth usage to weed out bandwidth wasters, which could be a problem if you’re frequently downloading nightly versions of different Linux distributions.

ExpressVPN offers three different protocols: Lightway, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. Even though Lightway is ExpressVPN’s fastest protocol, it averagely kept 77% of the initial connection speeds. So, if speeds are your primary deciding factor, you should check out NordVPN. Our studies revealed that the speed retention rates often hovered around 77%, which is sufficient for reliable PC game performance.

5. AirVPN – Exceptional mention

AirVPN - Exceptional mention
AirVPN – Exceptional mention

Depending on how you look at it, AirVPN is either a great VPN for privacy or the perfect place for internet troublemakers like torrenters of open-source and free software to congregate. We say so since it’s unclear who is in charge of AirVPN because its staff is primarily anonymous. However, this VPN with an Italian location does have a solid reputation, and its speeds place it among our top 10. Although it has a very basic desktop interface, it is workable. Although not particularly large, its network is incredibly efficient and functional.

Choose a VPN for torrenting.


The first thing you need is a VPN service provider whose network supports torrenting. Most do, but a few significant exceptions exist, including Tunnel Bear, which aggressively inhibits torrents.
According to TorrentFreak, a number of other VPN providers, such as ZenMate and ExpressVPN, are also subject to ongoing legal proceedings. Additionally, a lot of other VPN providers explicitly forbid torrenting on their American servers since they don’t want to face legal action like their rivals.

Location of the service

Due to this, we advise using VPN services headquartered outside of the United States, and from those VPNs, you should use servers located in nations that are friendlier to torrents. This avoids the problem of having to deal with torrents being completely prohibited when all you want to do is install Ubuntu on your new laptop. The majority of VPN providers will state which servers support torrenting, however a well-liked and simple option is Sweden. The majority of services have Swedish servers in their networks, along with many other nations that allow torrenting, and the speeds are typically good.


Your top concern while downloading torrents should be security, therefore finding the finest torrenting is crucial.The best VPNs for torrenting have features like no logging, a kill switch, and P2P optimization. Fortunately, FastestVPN checks all the boxes, so you don’t need to search elsewhere for protection while torrenting. Create a FastestVPN account today to torrent securely from anywhere without worrying about throttling or other security issues.

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